About us

Musical Aspirations Foundation was established by 2 musicologists who, while being active in organizing musical life in Poland, decided to support creative work of exceptional musicians. Guided by the idea of satisfying the desires of the audience (including their own) related to experiencing music of the highest quality, the founders started making attempts to succeed in putting this assumption into practice.

The Foundation’s key objective is to oraganize and provide support for educational and cultural activities and initiatives, related to:

  • development and promotion of culture and art;
  • protection and preservation of culture and national heritage;
  • support and promotion of musicians (especially Polish talented soloists and chamber performers) in Poland and abroad;
  • support and promotion of Polish composers and their works in Poland and abroad;
  • support for music education in Poland, including audience development activities which help to build audiences for classical and improvised music;
  • initiating activities intended to support culture development.

The Foundation pursues its goals though:

  • representing artists and playing a mediating role between them and concert organizers and producers in Poland and abroad;
  • making sure that the proper image of musicians, composers and other artists related to the art of music is maintained;
  • carrying out informational and promotional campaigns about Polish artists and their careers in Poland and abroad;
  • organizing concerts, festivals, competitions and other events;
  • producing, promoting and distributing CDs and audiovisual materials;
  • organizing concert tours in Poland and abroad;
  • publishing materials about music;
  • participating in conferences, workshops and seminars;
  • acquiring and collecting scores and publications about music;
  • (co-) organizing educational activities.