Travel Notes

Pandolfo Brothers and Friends

Travel Notes_fot. M Mulawa

Travel Notes is a musical journey in time. In art past and present are deeply bound together, their separation is only illusory.  On the one hand the so-called early music is a powerful source and tool for the creation of modern music, on the other – contemporary music gives unexpected tools for interpreting and understanding the music of the past. Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of viola da gamba, the perception of past and present as separate and uncommunicating dimensions will be challenged. Time seen as sequence of events going all in the same direction will disappear. The early instruments, viola da gamba and lute, strongly rooted in the Renaissance or Baroque music, are gathered by the jazzy sound of the modern muted trumpet, and by the transparent and expressive sound of the natural voice, typiecal for certain contemporary music genres as well as folk music.

The aritsts perform two versions of the program. The first combines early music for viola da gamba and lute/theorbo with contemporary compositions, the second includes solely contemporary pieces and improvisations that feature the elements of classical, jazz and folk music.


Paolo Pandolfo – viola da gamba

Andrea Pandolfo – trumpet

Laura Polimeno – voice

Thomas Boysen – lute, theorbo, Baroque guitar

Álvaro Garrido – percussion instruments